Indecent Exposure

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Indecent exposure, at least in most states, is the public display of purposefully exposing one’s nudity to cause alarm and offense in other people.  The main reason why people commit indecent exposure is to gain pleasure and a reaction from the other people in the populated area.

As with any criminal law, there are specific components that together define what indecent exposure in public is.  These components are specifically different by state and can vary greatly, but generally speaking, most components of defining indecent exposure by state define it as a person deliberately exposing themselves in a public place with the intent of insult or offending other people in the area, or with the intention of feel arousal.  These definitions are often vaguely defined varying by state, as some make it a crime to simply expose yourself in public, while other states make it a crime to deliberately do so with the intentions discussed above.  However, if any physical contact is made during indecent exposure, then the charge would be made accusing the suspect of sexual assault.

However, there are some things that are not considered to be indecent exposure.  For example, breastfeeding a child would not be considered indecent exposure because one is only performing a necessary function to take care of their child (assuming that they don’t expose their breasts to feel arousal, or to insult or offend someone else).  Another example of something that is generally not considered to be indecent exposure is revealing your underwear, as you are not exposing any body parts.  Urinating is also often not considered to be indecent exposure, as long as the person urinates behind cover away from direct view of the people in a public area.  Most likely, the person was trying not to offend or insult anyone, or feel arousal.

If someone is found to be guilty of indecent exposure, however then there are sentences.  Most often sentences for indecent exposure will be counted as a misdemeanor penalty and, you will be forced to pay a sign and/or spend a few months in the county jail.  If one is found guilty of committing indecent exposure more than once, then they can it can be charged as a felony and lead to them paying an even heavier fine and spending a few months in a state prison.

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